Do prospects waste your time?

Yes, sadly many prospects unintentionally waste people’s time. They don’t know what they don’t know and they’re likely hunting for the right product or service and certainly – it’s not their fault they found you.

Let me tell you a real shocker though, there’s no need to waste time with those people who aren’t going to make you any money, or certainly shouldn’t call you now…

First off, I won’t get into how to make a landing page that pre-screens and pre-qualifies leads for you, that’s exactly what we do @ AnswersWanted Services, however…. I will tell you HOW we do it.

#1. Identify the Pains & Needs

Does this person NEED or have the pain required to buy this product? This is usually the easiest one to figure out. Those who do NOT have the following problems need not apply:
– are concerned about…
– wish they didn’t have to…
– don’t like doing…
– wish there was a product that…

#2. Are they the decision maker?

It’s so easy to waste time with someone who’s simply out there collecting information for the real decision maker, if they’re not the person who really makes the decision, it might be best to ask WHO to send the information packet about the product/service to. Who should this information be addressed to? Who will make the final decision, what are THEIR needs?

#3.  Is this in their budget?

Some people are the right prospect, the right person who makes the call, they need it, they will see HUGE benefit from it and this frustrates many salespeople time and time again. They can’t afford it. You don’t have to tell someone pricing straight up front, but it’s important to find out what their rough budget is or what they’ve spent on solutions like this in the past. You can always sell your price and how much they get for it, but if they can’t afford it there isn’t much point.

#4. Is this the right time?

One last thing, if this is the right guy, he needs it, and he has the money… but he’s not in the market now.. maybe he’s investigating for a future purchase, or looking at options down the road… You still don’t have someone who’s a hot lead, but a great person to put on your calendar for follow up later.


Ok, so if you have the right prospect – all you need to do now is establish the benefits of your product, the proof that it works and the credibility (industry logos, testimonials, etc etc) and your ready to sell sell sell!

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